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Nick Vs Abyss

10 April
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Likes : Rose hairs that smother me_while your touch so comforting_I can’t see the sun fall. I swim into your eyes_You keep me afloat_while my heart sinks into your existence.

You coated my skin with gold.
Placed the diamonds in my eyes.
You Polished me down.
Hanged me from your neck.
So I dangle right above your heart.

Making me feel ignorant in a devious manner.

Dislikes : Your carbon dioxide has poisoned me_You made me want to run_Into a plastic bubble. Your words have made me deaf_They clogged my ears with regret_You wasted all that I was worth.

People that are the weakness of reality.

I don’t associate myself with people that are under age drinkers or do drugs. I do not like to be around guys that call females, “Bitches, pussy, ass, etc.” I don’t like to be in cars with people that think street racing is fun. I am what you call the boring person to the society of rebels.

Favorite Music : Click to Enlarge!Click to Enlarge!Click to Enlarge!Click to Enlarge!Click to Enlarge!
Click to Enlarge!Click to Enlarge!Click to Enlarge!Click to Enlarge!Click to Enlarge!
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30 seconds to mars, A perfect circle, Collide.
Covenant, Crüxshadows, Curve, Depeche Mode.
Front Line Assembly, Gravity kills, Informantik.
Jesus Jones, Kidney Thieves, KMFDM/MDFMK,
Lacuna Coil. Marilyn Manson, Mindless Self Indulgence.Neuroticfish, Orgy, Placebo,
Snake River Conspiracy. Stabbing Westward, Tool,
Tori Amos, Wumpscut, Zeromancer.

Brand New, Canibus, Eminem, Sublime, Tech N9ne...

Well you've got me working so hard lately.
Working my hands until they bleed.
If i was twice the man I could be.
I'd still be half of what you need
Still you lead me and I follow
Anything you ask you know i'll do.
But this one act of consecration is what I ask of you

Promise carved in stone.
Deeper than the sea.
Sever flesh and bone
Offer it to me.

Well you just left me nailed here.
Hanging like Jesus on this cross.
And I'm just dying for your sins.
and aiding to the cause.

Promise carved in stone.
Deeper than the sea.
Sever flesh and bone
Offer it to me

Wrap my eyes in bandages.
Confessions I see through.
I get everything I want.
When I get part of you.

Promise carved in stone.
It's deeper than the sea.
Sever flesh and bone
And offer it to me

A Promise carved in stone.
Deeper than the sea.
Devil's flesh and bone
Do something for me

Ring finger.
Bio : How can I be mysterious when you don’t even care?

They built me with the tools_Conditioned me to hate_Ignorance and poisoned taste. I was not given faith_They handed me book_That told me about revolutionizing.

I can’t see you_To warn you_I can’t speak to you_To tell you_They sawed my lips shut. After smashing away_All my mirrors_Taking away_All my self vision. And cutting me_Removing my stomach_Stripping me_Taking all my pride.

I refuse to change for society, for one's turn on is another's turn off. I will not give into society's tempations, for I am not weak like you.

Who are you?

Hello, I am Nick. I enjoy short walks to the coffee shop and long sits at a table while indulging on sweet coffee. As I am sipping on what I call “my third lung,” I like to jot down poetry and sometimes read. Normally I am sitting alone in the coffee shop due to the fact that I am a social outcast. Due to my timid personality and independency. But when I am faced with a situation in which I have to be social, I am all up for conversation. I guess you could say I’m a chatterbox in an eggshell that only needs to be broken open by each individual. [/dating service]

What is that I hear?

I enjoy music. No, I love music. I breathe music, and I sleep to music. I listen to industrial based music as listed above, and I am always looking for new talent that performs related music. I prefer industrial based music to other music due to its complex elements that are in some of these bands. It’s more than just a three-man-band.
Right now I am trying to learn how to play the bass on my Squier affinity P-Bass. It’s nothing special, but it’s just something to start out with. Right now I am just reading books and watching videos to try to self-teach myself. Until I am able to get the time and money to get some lessons or maybe I can find another fellow bass player with more experience that can give me tips. But if all goes well with the skills of playing the bass, I might try to land myself into a band. Which won’t be hard at all, since bands all over are looking for bass players.

What am I looking at?

Matching things is one of my biggest things about me, I must always match stuff. If something doesn’t match I am not happy with it. When I own my own apartment, everything will match for each room. If something clashes with the rest--it has to go. Also, I am all about solid colors, I don’t like designs and all this extra crap. All my clothes are solid colors for the most part. The clothes I like to wear the most consist of black, gray, white, blue at any tone or shade. I am all about slacks and button up shirts, or band shirts and blue jeans. I am also big on technology; I want everything updated and new. I’m far from what you would call an “old fashion” type of guy.

You do what?

I hold every element that those scenefuck straight edge kids do. I do not drink, I do not do drugs, I do not have casual sex, and I do not smoke cigarettes. But I can turn down the world’s greatest temptations without having to put a stupid fucking label on me and then say it’s not a matter of trying to fit in. Now the only thing I do that brings some harm to by body would be the occasional spark up of the tipped cigars.
I am what you could say, my own person. I do things by my own without hardly any influence by my peers. But for me to sit here and say I am not influenced by anything. That I am fully independent with all my decisions wouldn’t be the truth. Some things of society influence me, but aren’t we all are in one form or the other?